Contains thousands of digitized science and technology resources in various formats (text and video/audio) placed in specially designed “pods” set in a user-friendly interface. Its special features are:

  • It’s a standalone Information kiosk, hence, information access is possible even without internet connection;
  • Information available is read-only;
  • It is a compendium of S&T information gathered from all over the world  — a one stop S&T information source; and
  • It features videos dubbed “Tamang DOSTkarte Livelihood Videos” to stimulate every Filipino’s entrepreneurial capacity; 
STARBOOKS aims to:
  1. Create interest in the field of Science and Technology which may increase the number of Filipinos enrolling in S&T courses;
  2.  Encourage great and curious minds to develop new ideas—inventions and           innovations; and
  3. Inspire one’s capacity for entrepreneurship and research

Starbooks online – access link

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