Periodical Section

PERIODICALS  are publications issued at regular intervals and to be continued in an indefinite period of time.  Journals, magazines, newspapers, vertical file materials such as newspaper clippings, pamphlets, and other ephemeral materials are available in this section. 

You can also download a table of contents and featured articles of our serials and periodicals subscriptions and donations.



List of Periodicals Subscription 2018- 2019 subscriptions ( click  some of the title to view the table of contents)

  1. The American Biology Teacher 
  2. The American Journal of Education (OUC)
  3. American Journal of Mathematics
  4. American Libraries (ALA)
  5. Animal Scene
  6. Bioscience
  7. Bisaya
  8. Childhood Education
  9. Communication Arts
  10. Communication Education
  11. Counseling and Values
  12. Counseling today
  13. ELT Journal
  14. English Journal
  15. Educational Leadership
  16. English Teaching Forum
  17. English Journal
  18. The Gifted Child Today
  19. Going Places (formerly Cruising)
  20. International Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Administration
  21. Journal of Abnormal Psychology (APA)
  22. Journal of Academic Librarianship
  23. Journal of College Science Teaching
  24. Journal of Comparative Psychology
  25. The Journal of Philosophy
  26. The Journal of Special Education (SAGE)
  27. Journal of Special Education Technology
  28. Liwayway
  29. Modern English Teacher
  30. Modern Teacher
  31. National Geographic
  32. Philippine Communication Review
  33. Philippine Journal of History
  34. Philippine Journal of Linguistics
  35. Philippine Journal of Nursing
  36. Philippine Journal of Nursing Education
  37. Philippine Journal of Pediatrics
  38. Philippine Journal of Psychology
  39. Philippine Journal of Public Administration
  40. Philippine Management Review
  41. Philippine Sociological Review
  42. Philippine Studies
  43. Physics Today
  44. The Professional Teacher
  45. Psychology Today
  46. Reader’s Digest
  47. Science Teacher
  48. Social Transformations: Journal of the Global South
  49. Teaching Philosophy
  50. Technology & Learning
  51. Transaction on the Broadcasting
  52. Travel Life Magazine