Periodical Section

PERIODICALS  are publications issued at regular intervals and to be continued in an indefinite period of time.  Journals, magazines, newspapers, vertical file materials such as newspaper clippings, pamphlets, and other ephemeral materials are available in this section. 

You can also download a table of contents and featured articles of our serials and periodicals subscriptions and donations.



List of Periodicals Subscription ( click the title to view the table of contents)

  1. Human Science
  2. The American Biology Teacher
  3. American Journal of Mathematics
  4. Animal Scene
  5. Bisaya
  6. Childhood Education
  7. Communication Arts
  8. Communication Education
  9. Educational Leadership
  10. English Journal
  11. Going Places (formerly Cruising)


Note : Visit the library at the Periodicals Section, 3rd level for fulltext articles of the journals/magazine or you can email the periodicals librarian.