Circulation Service Hours is from Mondays thru Saturdays starting at 7:30 in the morning to 6:30 in the evening (Destiny library manager backup: 6:30 to 7:00 p.m.).

2.1.1 Students

a. All bona fide students of CNU may borrow a maximum of ten (10) books at a time. The Validated School I.D. is required in borrowing books and other library materials.
b. Reference and Fiction books can be borrowed for seven (7) days, and can be renewed once, provided there has been no prior request for them. Filipiniana books can be borrowed for seven (7) days, non-renewable.

2.1.2 Faculty

a. Permanent faculty members and Staff are allowed to borrow books for home use to a maximum of twenty (20) books per semester;

b.Contractual faculty and employees cannot borrow books for take-home use unless a permanent faculty member / permanent administrative staff will borrow the books for them.

c.A faculty /administrative staff needing a material should personally visit the library and sign the book card of the book borrowed. In case another person will get the material, a written authorization and Employee I.D. must be presented to the circulation librarian;

d.Faculty /administrative staff members are discouraged from borrowing library books for other members of the family or friends;

e.Reserve books with only one copy maybe borrowed by a faculty for seven (7) days after which the book will be recalled by the circulation librarian.

f.Regular faculty members are required to return the books every semester or to renew if they still need them. To renew, borrowed books should be brought to the circulation in-charge to update the record;

g.All faculty members are discouraged from requesting another person (student, fellow faculty member, etc.) to return borrowed books in their behalf;

h.Borrowing privileges will be suspended when materials have not been returned after each semester/summer term;

i.All faculty members and administrative staff who are enrolled in the Graduate School follow the same policy like undergraduate students;


a.Library materials are circulated as follows:

b. Book loans for home use and photocopying is from 7:30AM to 6:30PM. This is to ensure that the library staff will have time to do housekeeping jobs like filing of book cards, shelving of books and back up of the Destiny library manager.


Students, faculty, and staff are given a period of one (1) hour to photocopy library materials. All library materials should be properly charged out. Theses and dissertations are not to be taken out for photocopy. A fine of five pesos (Php5.00) per hour is charged for books not returned on time.


a. Non-circulating materials are reference materials, rare or delicate books and other material designated for use in the library. Books with location symbols listed below are for “Library Use Only”

Non-circulating materials are the following:

GREF – General Reference
FILGREF – Filipiniana General Reference
T – Theses/Dissertations
P – Bound Periodicals
RES – Reserve Books
AS – American Studies
BC – British Council
CB – Children’s Books
CP – Clinical Papers
PWD – Learning Resources for PWDs
TP – Technical Papers

b. A School I.D. is needed in borrowing these materials.