General Policies



CNU Stakeholders

1.Only bona fide students, faculty members, officers of the administration and staff of CNU are allowed to use the library.

2. Students are required to present their validated School I.D. upon entering the library.

3. Students must be in complete uniform during class days and in proper school attire during free days.

Off-Campus Researchers

1. Off-campus researchers may use the library resources on Fridays and Saturdays only provided that they present an official letter (referral letter) from the librarian/head of the agency where they belong and must present their School ID/Agency ID.

2. Researchers must obtain a library pass from the Head Librarian and pay a research fee of fifty pesos (Php50.00) per day at the Accounting Office.

3. Official receipt will be presented to the Head Librarian  for recording purposes;

4. All library materials are for library use only. Photocopying is not allowed.


1. CNU Alumni may use the library resources on Fridays and Saturdays and must present their Alumni I.D. Alumni are given free access to the library for three days per semester.

2. In excess of the three days period, a research fee of fifty pesos (Php50.00) per day is paid at the Accounting Office. Official receipt must be presented to the Head Librarian for recording purposes.

3. All library materials are for library use only. Photocopying is not allowed. 


Library users are required to observe and obey library policies including the wearing of the prescribed school uniform (undergraduate students) and School I.D. at all times.

1. Food and drinks are not allowed inside the Library.  Food and drinks are a hazard to library materials and equipment and the spilling of such can create a fall and/or a pest problem.  Smoking is absolutely prohibited in all areas of the university.

2. To answer the need of students for a food break, a food kiosk is available outside the library exit area. Users may come back to the library using the exit door after the food break.

3. Handle library materials with care. Avoid marking, underlining, inserting bulky objects and making “dog ears” .These acts can shorten the life of library materials.

4. Books and journals must be properly charged out before they maybe brought out of the library for home reading or photocopy.

5. Cleanliness and orderliness in the library is a must. Chairs must be pushed back under the table after using and must not be transferred from one place to another.

6. The use of headphones for personal stereos and mobile phones are permitted provided that the user will not disturb other library users who wish to study and research in silence.

7. Receiving and making calls from the mobile phone should be done outside the library.

8. The library has assigned a laptop charging station for library users. All other electrical outlets inside the library are for official library use only.  In no case are the users allowed to use these outlets for charging laptops and mobile phones to avoid any electrical malfunctions.

9. Library users should attend to their valuables while in the library. The Library will not be responsible for any loss 


1.3.1 Overdue books Books not returned on the due date shall have a fine of five pesos (Php5.00) per day excluding Sundays and Holidays.

1.3.2 Lost books The borrower should report immediately to the Circulation Librarian when a book is lost, otherwise, he will pay the overdue fines incurred until the day the loss is reported. The borrower will be given one (1) month extension to find the book.

Lost book(s) shall be paid for based on the current value of the book or replace them with the following conditions: • Same title and author, preferably with the latest copyright • Processing fee which is 10% of the price of the book • Reprinted copy is not accepted as replacement of an original edition

1.3.3  Damaged/Destroyed library materials

A library user found responsible for the destruction or damage of any library materials will be fined accordingly and shall be charged based on the current value of the book. Failure to observe these regulations will be reported and may lead to:

1st Offense:     Warning/ Reprimand

2nd Offense:    Suspension of Borrowing Privileges

3rd Offense:     Suspension from Library Privileges

Replacement of such material with the following condition also apply:

* Same title and author with the latest copyright is preferred.

* Reprint copy is not accepted as replacement for an original edition.

In case of fire, floods and other disasters, a certification is required either from the Bureau of Fire, Barangay Captain, etc. to support the claim.


One week before the final exam, circulation of books is cut off in order to give time for the library staff to consolidate all records of students and faculty with library obligation/accountabilities. Library users are encouraged to settle their library obligations/ accountabilities before the clearance signing schedule. Clearances of undergraduate students are signed in groups either by majors or sections.

The Circulation Librarian signs all student clearances in behalf of the Head Librarian. The Circulation Librarian also countersigns faculty and staff clearance before it can be signed by the Head Librarian. In cases where in the Head Librarian is not available, the Circulation Librarian may sign in her behalf.


To safeguard library resources, an electronic surveillance system (CCTV) is installed in strategic areas of the library. Likewise, ample aisles, emergency exits, fire extinguishers, and smoke alarm system are installed in the library.