Viewing Room


1. Reservation for the use of its materials, equipment and facilities shall be made in the official reservation form a week before the scheduled activity.  Advance bookings are highly advisable and notices of cancellation should be made as soon as possible.

2. In order to provide an opportunity for others to use the AV resources, equipment and facilities, users are allowed to use the AV Room once a week.

3. The resources, services and facilities are made available on “first come, first serve basis.” for the following purposes:

* class viewing of videotapes, DVDs, filmstrips, OHP and  opaque materials;

* computer-assisted instruction;

* meetings called by the administration and/or those whose topics are confidential in nature;

* activities initiated by teachers such as student orientations, debates, contests, project/paper presentation, symposia and panel discussions;

* University-sponsored activities that are non-income generating.

1. In case of conflict of schedule the Reading Room-In-Charge has the right to decide which activity will be given priority to use.

2. The schedule allotted for the use of its materials, equipment and facilities shall be strictly followed in order to avoid delays in the subsequent scheduled activities.

3. Notice of postponement/cancellation in the use of its materials, equipment and facilities shall be forwarded to the Reading Room-In-Charge not later than 5:00 p.m., the day before the scheduled activity.

4. Viewing Room reservation will be automatically cancelled if the class will not come within the first fifteen minutes of their scheduled time or, in the absence of Faculty, no class activity shall be allowed. For organization’s activity, the presence of the faculty adviser or an officer is required in order to avoid some undesirable problems.

5. The requesting party shall be responsible for the proper care, order and use of material/s, equipment and facilities while inside the room.

6. Problems that may arise during the activity shall be reported immediately to the Reading Room-In-Charge.

7. The Library reserves the right to revoke/cancel a permit granted and to suspend viewing room privileges in case of misrepresentation or violation of any of its policies and regulations.