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Print Periodical Subscriptions Delivered as of September-October 2019

To view/download featured articles/table of contents, just click the image or the issue. Or you may visit the Library at the Periodicals Section to read the whole issues of Print Periodicals Subscriptions.


The American Biology Teacher, May 2019

Animal Scene, August 2019

Bisaya, July 16-30, 2019

Bisaya, August 16-31, 2019

Bisaya, September 16 – 30, 2019

Child Education, May-June 2019

Communication Arts, July-August 2019

Journal of Abnormal Psychology, May 2019

The Journal of Philosophy, June 2019

The Journal of Philosophy, May 2019 The Journal of Philosophy, April 2019

Journal of Special Education Technology, June 2019

Journal of Comparative Psychology, May 2019 Liwayway, Hulyo 16-31, 2019 Liwayway, August 1-15, 2019 Liwayway Agust 16-31, 2019
Liwayway Sep 16-30, 2019 National Geographic, July 2019 National Geographic, May 2019 National Geographic, June 2019
The Philippine Journal of Pediatrics, Dec 2017 Philippine Journal of Public Administration, Jan-Dec 2016 Physics Today, June 2019 Physics Today, May 2019

Psychology Today, Jul-Aug 2019

Psychology Today, May-Jun 2019

Social Transformations, May 2018 Social Transformations, Nov 2018

Tech and Learning, May 2019


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