CNU Advisory

Good day, Normalites!

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Since our water system in the university has become an inconvenience to us, please be aware of the following comfort rooms which will be available for us to use and so as those which are not.

Available comfort rooms:
*Comfort Rooms near CEFTEX (Ground floor)
*2nd Floor for men
*3rd Floor for women

Not available comfort rooms:
*4th floor for women

Available comfort rooms:
*Ground floor near the current ST lounge
*3rd floor comfort room near the old ST Lounge 
*4th floor comfort rooms
*6th floor comfort rooms
Not available comfort room:
*5th floor comfort room

Available comfort rooms:
*All comfort room behind the Office of Student Affairs

Not available comfort room:
*2nd floor comfort room for women above EC Office
*All comfort rooms near the locker area will be available

ALUMNI Building 
*All comfort rooms are open (behind admin building, near the old IGP office)

ADMIN Building
*Ground floor comfort room for men is available

SM Hall
*All comfort rooms beside the FAI office will be available

Hence, these water interruptions were caused by the on-going MCWD repairs in the city.
Please help us in informing the entire Normalite community as well.

Thank you very much.

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