CNU Library Modernization Project

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The Library Modernization Project with an approved budget of PhP 66,665,000.00 aims to establish a modern library learning environment (e.g. learning commons, state-of-the-art learning environment, innovation hub, technology hub, digital commons/information commons, learning spaces, collaborative spaces, innovative learning environment, maker-spaces, advanced learning center, hub for innovation in learning and technology) and replace the existing structure and facility.  As MLLE, the university library is envisioned as a place for end-to-end learning, i.e., consuming and digesting information, creating new knowledge, and producing and sharing new knowledge.  It is where learners’  multi-literacy are developed and promoted through access to print, digital and multimedia collections and where library staff and teachers continually collaborate to support and nurture confident literate students that encourages and enable deep thinking and creativity.  It provides users with space for creating, developing and encouraging a passion for books and reading across different formats.  The modern library is a dynamic trans formative learning center that provides a welcoming, vibrant and culturally inclusive environment.  It provides seamless access to information resources, apps, advice and support to the classroom, home and mobile services 24/7.




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