CNU-SSC Student Communication Center!

Good afternoon, Normalites!

The council has made an initiative to create the CNU-SSC Student Communication Center! This program serves as a direct link with the students in order to voice out their concerns towards the administration in the midst of COVID-19. The aim of this program is for the university to find out what are the challenges of the students, how can the university help or give assistance, and what are the academic concerns that needs to be addressed. The CNU-SSC Student Communication Center is open 24/7. The guidelines are as follows:

1.The CNU-SSC will be providing contact numbers for the students to contact via call or text message. The contact numbers will be posted through our facebook page, in cooperation with CNU-PIO.
2.The CNU-SSC Communication Center will be receiving concerns everyday starting on March 23, 2020 from 7:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M.
3.All text messages should contain the name of the sender, year level, and degree program. The CNU-SSC will keep the names of the senders strictly confidential.
4.The concerns will be forwarded to the respective offices in order to give a response. Once the response has been received, it will be forwarded to the concerned student.
5.The CNU-SSC will also create a summary of all the concerns in order for the administration to create unified responses for the students.
6.The CNU-SSC Communication Center will only cater concerns. Unnecessary or mischievous messages will not be entertained.
7.The CNU-SSC Communication Center will also endorse the Guidelines for Tele-Counselling. This program by the guidance office aims to give “over-the-phone counselling sessions”. The guidelines for tele-counselling will be posted by the guidance office.

You can send your text messages or call through the following contact numbers:

0915 171 5750 (Globe)
0920 120 5929 (Smart)

Thank you and be safe, Normalites!

Source : Cebu Normal University – Supreme Student Council

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