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1. Jin Bee, O. (1987). Depletion of the Forest Resources in the Philippines. Singapore: ISEAS Publishing. 
2. Gastardo-Conaco, M. & Ramos-Jiminez, P. (1986). Ethnicity and Fertility in the Philippines. Singapore: ISEAS Publishing. 
3. Rajaretnam, M. (1973). Oil Discovery and Technical Change in Southeast Asia: Politics of Oil in the Philippines. Singapore: ISEAS Publishing. 
4. Wurfel, D. (1976). Philippine Agrarian Policy Today: Implementation and Political Impact. Singapore: ISEAS Publishing.
5. Bauzon, L. (1975). Philippine Agrarian Reform 1880 – 1965. Singapore: ISEAS Publishing. 
6. Alfonso, A., Layo, L. & Bulatao, R. (1980). Culture and Fertility: The Case of the Philippines. Singapore: ISEAS Publishing. 
7. G. Enriquez, V. (1986). Philippine Worldview. Singapore: ISEAS Publishing. 
8. Crouch, H. (1985). Economic Change, Social Structure and the Political System in Southeast Asia: Philippine Development Compared with the Other ASEAN Countries. Singapore: ISEAS Publishing.
9. Horakova, E. (1971). Problems of Filipino Settlers. Singapore: ISEAS Publishing.
10. M. Bautista, G. (1994). Natural Resources, Economic Development and the State: The Philippine Experience. Singapore: ISEAS Publishing.