Free Access to Odilio Academic

Access Link :

Access code : cnu2020

ODILO learning platforms OPEN to the school/ academic institutions for FREE! Just send them a message if you need the LEARNING platforms, resources (e-books, audiobooks, videos), tools, support, and training.

ODILO Corporate Social Responsibility:
Support Program for schools affected by closures, whether you are our client or not:

Conscious of the effects school closures for the imminent expansion of Coronavirus will have on thousands of families all over the world, we at Odilo stand in solidarity with all those affected and have set in motion a series of actions with the goal of helping to guarantee continued education for students, educators, and families:
– We are opening all of our technological learning platforms to the academic institutions that need them anywhere in the world, whether or not they are our clients, with the goal of providing high-quality educational content and learning solutions to as many users as operationally possible.
– We will be reinforcing our educational consulting teams, dynamization services, and collaborative learning clubs and placing them at the service of families and teachers, in order to ensure that they always have tools on hand to continue their educational work from home.
– We are offering a support and training service to teachers and families via daily webinars, allowing them to familiarize themselves with the functionalities of our platform and to more effectively carry out their support work with students.

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