iCARE Pedagogical Connect

The global health crisis brought about by COVID 19 enjoins the entire humanity to help combat this dreaded virus primarily by staying at home.

In response to this scenario, Cebu Normal University, College of Teacher Education proposes a free online continuing academic connection from the team of facilitators with partner educators at all levels, parents, and other stakeholders who want to be productive and somehow veer away from anxiety.

Its aim is to provide educational resources in a platform with wide reach and strong user base that can help enrich and enhance their personal and professional experiences. With an accessible interaction and social care, this can help inspire them amidst the global health crisis.

This is the iCARE Pedagogical Connect.

Access the link below to know how to begin. https://bit.ly/2UAdeqP

Post Source : Cebu Normal University Official Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/cebunormaluniversityofficial/

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