The Supreme Student Council Office is now open for Material and Equipment borrowing!

The Supreme Student Council Office is now open for Material and Equipment borrowing!

The following are the Guidelines for Borrowing SSC Materials and Equipment:

– Borrower: bona fide CNU Student only
– Equipment: projector, projector screen, VGA cord
– Materials: scissors, cutters, punchers, balloon pump, cloth (black, gold, red), pencils

I. Check with an Officer in the SSC Office if the Material/Equipment to be borrowed is available for the intended date and time of use.

II. Write a letter addressed to Hon. Neil Joseph Iyog, SSC President, at least a day before the planned date and time of use. Make sure that the letter is received by an SSC Officer, preferably by the Internal Press Secretary.

III. After the letter is received, the Borrower must log in on the Borrower’s Log Book. All the required information must be provided otherwise, the Material/Equipment will not be released. Borrowers must leave an I.D. upon borrowing— the I.D. will be returned once the Material/Equipment is returned to the SSC Office.

IV. After use, the Material/Equipment must be returned properly. Each Borrower is given fifteen (15) minutes after the time of use to return the Material/Equipment to the SSC Office.
(e.g. Time Borrowed: 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM, the Equipment must be returned by 10:15 AM.)
If the Borrower fails to return the Material/Equipment after fifteen (15) minutes, the bloc may not be able to borrow the Material/Equipment again for a period of one (1) week as a sanction for non-compliance.

Note: There will be an allowance of one (1) hour for the Equipment to rest, before another Borrower can book it.

Thank you and happy borrowing!

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