To the One Who Won’t Get a Graduation Ceremony


You’re graduating.
But your graduation looks different than those who came before you.

While they smiled for pictures and tossed their caps, you’re sitting or lying down on bed at home wishing that all of these will come to pass so that your graduation ceremony will resume. But please never forget this..

Your graduation day is canceled, but you still graduated. Even though there is no ceremony, celebrate how far you have come. Celebrate what you accomplished. But hold tight to the truth that your best days are yet to come. God’s going to use this for His glory, if you trust Him on His path.

Proverbs 16:9 says “We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps.”

You made your plans, but God lead you to His purpose. And you can be disappointed. But still celebrate. You will realize life isn’t about one celebration, but celebrating your “next”. You may still wish you heard a commencement. You may still be bummed you never tossed your cap.

But you’ll also see that God used the twists and the turns to lead you to where you were meant to be. This canceled graduation grew you in wisdom and reminded you that your purpose it to trust Him even in the confusion.

And your best days were never meant to be a day but rather than a purpose. So do yourself a favor, celebrate what God has done. He lead you to where you are today. You’ve made it through 100% of every “hard day”. You made it through the tears, mistakes, and failures in your last 4-5 years. If He got you this far, why don’t you trust Him? Your purpose is to love and trust Him even when your plans fall apart.

To all the graduates, Congratulations still! ???

(written by Author Grace Valentine)


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