28th Library and Information Services Month Culminating and Closing Ceremonies

CNU library celebrates the 28th Library and Information month, with the theme ” Ang Kulturang may Malasakit sa Silid Aklatan ay Makakamit“.  During the month long celebration a series of activities are being initiated by the University librarians. Among the activities were : ‘The Art and skills of Story Telling : A Seminar Workshop and Reading Materials Endorsement Ceremony”, “Forum on “Legal Foundations and Concept of Inclusive Education” and  “Inauguration of the RFID Automation System”.

The Final activity was the “Culminating Activity & Closing Ceremonies”. Dr. Daisy  R. Palompon, VP for Academics delivered the welcome message followed by Statement of Purpose delivered by Ms. Maria Divina D. Torrejos, Head Librarian. Then they proceed to the main highlight of the event which is the awarding of the top borrower faculty category, top periodical borrower and top borrower student category.

Welcome message from Dr. Daisy  R. Palompon Welcome message from VP of academics_1

Statement of Purpose delivered by Ms. Maria Divina D. TorrejosStatement purpose from the head librarian

 Top 10 Library Borrowers Faculty CategoryTop Borrowers Faculty category

Student Category
Top Borrowers Stud category

Inspirational message from the top borrower faculty categoryMessage from top faculty borrower

Message of Encouragement from top periodical reader faculty categoryMessage from Periodicals top borrower

Message from the top borrower student categoryMessage from student top borrower

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