Print Periodical Subscriptions Delivered as of March-May 2020

Print Periodical Subscriptions Delivered as of March-May 2020

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The American Biology Teacher, Nov-Dec 2019 The American Biology Teacher, October 2019

Animal Scene, December 2019

Bisaya, December 16-31, 2019
Childhood Education…, September-October 2019

Educational Leadership, November 2019


Educational Leadership, October 2019


Gifted Child Today, October 2019


IEEE Transaction on Broadcasting, September 2019


International Journal of Hospitality Tourism Administration, 3-4-2019 International Journal of Hospitality…, 3-4 2019


The Journal of Academic Librarianship, November 2019


The Journal of Philosophy, August 2019


The Journal of Philosophy, September 2019


Journal for Research in Mathematics…, November 2019


Liwayway, December 16-31, 2019



National Geographic, December 2019



National Geographic, October 2019


Philippine Journal of Psychology, June 2019


Physics Today, October 2019


Psychology today, Jan-Feb 2020


Reader’s Digest, February 2020


Reader’s Digest, January 2020


Reader’s Digest, Dec 2019


Teaching Philo…, Sep 2019


Tech & Learning, October 2019 Travelife; Vol 11 No. 3 Travelife; Vol 12 No. 1 Travelife; Vol 12 No. 2



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