Print Periodicals Subscriptions for August 2019

Print Periodical Subscriptions Delivered as of August 2019

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American Journal of Mathematics, April 2018 American Journal of Mathematics, February 2018  Animal Scene, July 2019 Animal Scene, June 2019
Bisaya, July 1-15, 2019 Bisaya, June 19, 2019 Bisaya, June 26, 2019 Communication Arts, May/June 2019
Educational Leadership, May 2019 English Journal, March 2019 Going Places, June-July 2019 Journal for Research in Mathematics Education, May 2019
Journal of College Science Teaching, May-June 2019 Journal of College Science Teaching, Nov-Dec 2017 Liwayway, July 1-15, 2019 Liwayway, June 17, 2019
Liwayway, June 24, 2019 Modern English Teacher, March 2019 Teaching & Learning, April 2019 Teaching Philosophy, March 2019
The Journal of Philosophy, March 2019


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